REDD+ Safeguards Information Systems
What are safeguards?
Pakistan has given express recognition to the UNFCCC REDD+ safeguards, established in the Cancun Agreements, which have been interpreted in accordance with the national context, based on the relevant national and international legal framework.

The REDD+ Strategy is designed in compliance with the objectives of national forest programme, and consistent to the provisions of the relevant treaties and international conventions Pakistan is Party to

Governance arrangements for implementation
That actions complement or are consistent with the objectives of national forest programme and relevant international conventions and agreements

Safeguards Information System

What is a Safeguard Information System?

The Safeguard Information System (SIS) is a domestic institutional arrangement responsible for providing information as to how the UNFCCC REDD+ safeguards are being addressed and respected in the context of the implementation of the proposed REDD+ actions.

Summary of Information

The Summary of information (SOI) is a document that demonstrates how the safeguards have been addressed and respected.

Information by Safeguard

Safeguards function as social and environmental objectives and principles that must be observed to mitigate possible negative impacts, as well as contribute to potentiate positive impacts.


Objective and Procedure

REDD+ activities may have a significant impact on the dynamics of conflicts over forest resources in forested areas.
Pakistan has designed and put in place a national feedback and grievance redress mechanism (FGRM) as part of the country's REDD+institutional arrangements.