The Safeguard Information System (SIS) is a domestic institutional arrangement responsible for providing information as to how the UNFCCC REDD+ safeguards are being addressed and respected in the context of the implementation of the proposed REDD+ actions.

The objectives of the SIS in Pakistan are:

1 . Reporting to domestic stakeholders

The SIS is expected to provide information that is accessible by all relevant stakeholders to demonstrate that the seven UNFCCC REDD+ safeguards are being addressed and respected throughout REDD+ implementation.

2 . Reporting to the UNFCCC

Pakistan intends to utilize the information gathered and managed by the SIS as the basis for the preparation of their summary of information to the UNFCCC.

3 . Reporting to FCPF

Information managed by the SIS would also be used to report to the FCPF with regards to the implementation of Pakistan’s safeguards plans and the ESMF.

4 . Multiple domestic purposes

In addition, the system is expected to serve to:

  • Build domestic support for REDD+. By making SIS the part of curriculum, foresters will get to know SIS as much as the entire forestry discipline.
  • To contribute to a range of domestic objectives, such as law enforcement, policy development and governance. The collection of updated information will help to facilitate the decisions and policies.
  • The system will provide a transparent and accessible space for all levels of forest department officials for providing their valuable inputs.
  • It will facilitate conceptual and philosophical discussions to improve understanding and definition of new concepts, such as tribal populations and local wisdom/indigenous knowledge as well as eradication of confusing, contradictory and non-scientific approaches.
  • It will contribute to a transparent coordination between provincial and national REDD offices.